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White Oak Distillery

The White Oak distillery is one of the least known Japanese whisky producers. It is the countries oldest with its license granted in 1919, a whole 4 years before Yamazaki began distilling. While more famous distilleries like Suntory and Nikka have dominated the Japanese whisky scene in Australia, White Oak is a key producer to take note of. Located in the city of Akashi in the Hyogo Prefecture to the west of Kobe, it faces the Seto Inland Sea. Back in 1888 the it was founded by Eigashima Shuzo, initially as a Sake producer, but in 1919 he obtained a license to produce whisky. In 1984, the company shifted to their current location, and from then White Oak Distillery was born. Incredibly, the stills at White Oak are only in operation for a single month every year, so naturally the production is quite limited. Whilst most of the production is blended whisky White Oak do also make single malts, which adorn the name 'Akashi' - a reference the home town of White Oak distillery.
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