Tuesday Tutorials 3 March 2020 6.30pm

Event Date: Mar 3, 2020

Registration End Date: Mar 3, 2020

It's back! 2020 sees the return of Tuesday Tutorials. Through 2019 we shared stories and learnt so much about how wine is made and why it tastes like it does. This month, we step into the often completely misunderstood world of Sulphur, and its relation to wine. We will discuss its purpose and importance, while tasting through wines that use different amounts of this small but powerful elemental addition. We'll measure how different winemakers use Sulphur to achieve different results, and even get into wines with no Sulphur. Through this, and by looking to the past, we'll look to the future of Sulphur use in wine. So, join us for the first Tuesday of the month for Tuesday Tutorials- Come and join us for a drink!
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$39.00 Per item