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Tesseron Cognac

The Tesseron family are best known by wine lovers as the owners of Pontet Canet and Lafon Rochet in Bordeaux, however it was in Cognac that they first became renown. Cognac Tesseron have distilled, aged and blended old, XO Cognacs since 1905. Today the very finest brandies are selected from this vast collection of ancient reserves and blended to create the five unique and beautiful XO Cognac. Despite being situated in a region that is totally dominated by large brands, the Tesseron family has succeeded in becoming a genuine benchmark. Theirs is a story that has some synergies with the top grower-producers in Champagne (vs. the Grandes Marques), in that it has been only the remarkable quality of Tesseron’s XO-only Cognacs that has allowed this family owned producer to carve out an important niche amongst the giants of the Cognac world. Before they started releasing small batches of these Cognacs under their own label, the Tesseron family had been a highly-reputed supplier of old, XO Cognacs to the large houses for over a century. Unusually all three traditional Cognac grape varieties Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard are still grown on the Tesseron estates. Folle Blanche and Colombard have almost disappeared in the region as they are difficult to grow and produce small crops, but are vitally important as they add an extra dimension to the final blend. The cool, damp Tesseron cellars dating back to the 13th century were once part of the crypt of the local church and the best place to age their cognac. It is here that the young 'eaux-de-vie' will be laid to rest, left in peace quietly to age and mature in old oak casks for many years. These casks were made by craftsmen from ancient oaks felled in the nearby forests of Limousin. During maturation the ageing Cognac will gently oxidise, soft tannins will be absorbed from the old oak casks and some will evaporate and be lost forever – the 'angels' share.
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