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  1. Chateau Tariquet 100% Folle Blanche - 12 Years Bas Armagnac
    A clean, intense nose expressing softness with vanilla and a pleasant note of cocoa. The esters are subdued, and reveal exotic fragrances when the brandy is exposed to the air. This unusual Bas Armagnac brandies offer a comprehensive and surprising ... Learn More
  2. Chateau Tariquet 100% Folle Blanche - 15 Years Bas Armagnac
    The aromas of crystallised stone-fruits and liquorice are the sign of a great Armagnac of which Gascony can be proud ... Learn More
  3. Chichibu Ichiro'S Malt & Grain (700Ml)
    Pale straw / gold colour with a faint green blush. Moderate aromas of toasty cereals, raisin toast with hints of fruits, wafer biscuit and cream. Soft warm entry. Mid palate bursts with tingly spices, fruit and cereals with nuances of smokiness. ... Learn More
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  4. Ardbeg Corryvreckan Single Malt Whisky
    A phenomenally deep, swirling dram named after the Corryvreckan whirlpool that lies to the north of Islay, which is matured in fully toasted French oak casks. Which adds a spicy cayenne pepper prickle to Ardbeg’s hallmark smoky sea spray ... Learn More
  5. Delord - 25 Year Old Bas Armagnac
    Serving circumstance: After meal drinkServing temperature : Room TemperatureReady to drink. ... Learn More
  6. Darroze Les Grands Assemblages (Blends) - 12 Year Old Bas Armagnac
    A boisterous 12 year old Bas Armagnac blended and bottled by the incomparable Darroze as part of their Grands Assemblages range. Hints of liquorice and cinnamon here, this really blossoms after a minute or two breathing in the glass. ... Learn More
  7. Normandin Mercier Vieille  - 15 Year Fine Champagne
    A fine mix of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. A soft and balanced Cognac with a nice floral bouquet, with notes of almond and plum. "Since 1872 five generations have contributed to the elaboration of the prestigious Cognac NORMANDIN-MERCIER. Coming from ... Learn More
  8. Gelas 100% Folle Blanche Unfiltered - 18 Years Bas Armagnac
    Folle Blanche is the historic variety of Armagnac which once dominated the vineyards before their destruction by phylloxera in 1878 ... Learn More
  9. Tesseron Cognac Lot No. 90 Xo Ovation 'Selection'
    Made from the finest terroirs in Cognac –Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois – Lot n°90's unique character comes from long ageing in oak barrels, which adds richness and complexity. Aromas of very fresh pear & quince notes ... Learn More
    Wine and Spirits Magazine
  10. St Agnes Xo Imperial 20Yo Brandy (700Ml)
    Awarded Double Gold - 2015 Melbourne International Spirits Competition Reminiscent of top-notch Armagnac, the persistence of flavour is truly outstanding. Plush and softly scented with enticing notes of walnut slice, dried apricot, prune and later sweeter hints of dates, raisin cake, ... Learn More
    Tim White
  11. Paul Giraud 'Vieille Reserve' Grande Champagne Cognac - 25 Years
    Soft, delicate, sweetish nose like stone fruit. Palate shows subtle, honeyed fruit, long length of plums & prunes, showing its twenty five year age. From culture to distillation, Paul Giraud gives priority to ancestral know-how to best serve the expression of ... Learn More
  12. Castarede 1987 Armagnac Ba
    Aged in oak barrels. This vintage bottled in 2016 has been aging for 29 years in oak barrels. This 1987 vintage is a powerful expression, fresh and fruit-driven on the nose. Hints of liquorice as well. It’s not as earthy as some ... Learn More
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  13. Don Julio 1942 Tequila
    Don Julio 1942 Añejo was created for the first time back in 2002 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Don Julio and is the ultimate experession of the Tequila art. Made in the Añejo style, this Tequila is made from ... Learn More
    Don Julio 1942 Tequila
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  14. Darroze Armagnac Gba 20Yrs
    Absolutely stunning Armagnac with incredible richness, spice, and balance. Big wood, lots of spice and vanilla, and a rustic fruit character with seamless execution. ... Learn More
  15. Chiefs Son 900 Sweet Peat 45% Single Cask (700ml)
    This modern, mild style of sweet peated malt whisky is not a kick-in-the-head peated malt. This truly unique whisky creates a sweet, silky, creamy drinking experience, with a beautifully long finish. Add a touch of water to this whisky to ... Learn More
  16. Delord 1972 Bas Armagnac
    Serving circumstance: After meal drinkServing temperature : Room TemperatureReady to drink ... Learn More
  17. Kirin Fuji-Sanroku Signature Blend 700Ml
    Launched in Japan in 2018 as a premium label replacement of the massively successful Fuji Sanroku Tarajukugenshu 50°. Each casks used in this blend is hand selected by Kirin's Jota Tanaka, the 2017 Icons of Whisky Master Distiller/Master Blender of the Year. ... Learn More
    Whisky Advocate
  18. Normandin Mercier "La Peraudiere" Grande Champagne
    A brandy in its prime. Aged in authentic casks - hundred-year-old oak trees. Limited series of 1000 bottles worldwide. Rancio and nuts, no floral or fruits - typical good-old cognac aromas. Lingers exceptionally long on the palate. "Since 1872 five generations have ... Learn More
  19. Chiefs Son 900 Pure Malt 45% Single Cask (700ml)
    You won’t taste this style of single malt from any other distillery in the world! The 900 Pure Malt switches out the peat for some darker specialty malt and is uniquely distilled using only fresh whisky wash and no fores-and-feints. ... Learn More
  20. Michel Couvreur Special Vatting 45%
    A blend of 3 premium single cask whiskies, each aged over 12 years in oak. Fragrances of Sherry, leather, tobacco, fruity wood. Silky texture, powerful and very lengthy in mouth. The perfect companion for cigars, or as a digestif. ... Learn More
  21. Darroze Les Grands Assemblages (Blends) - 30 Year Old Bas Armagnac
    Maturity begins at 30. The fresh fruit is transformed into dried and candied fruit, the spicy character asserts itself, the first aromas of "rancio" appear and the alcohol is perfectly mellow. The fiery youth softens and relents. This Grand Assemblage is ... Learn More
  22. Dudognon Reserve Des Ancetres  - 30 Years
    A full-throttle bouquet as well-defined notes of vanilla, paraffin, and ripe grapes fill the nasal cavity ... Learn More
  23. Whisky Tasters 24 Pack
    Whiskies in this pack: Corowa Distillery, Characters - Australian, Dobsons Distillery, Old Reliable - Australian, Canadian Club Distillery, 20 Year Old - Canadian, Paul John Distillery, Edited - Indian, Sliabh Liag Distillery, The Silkie Irish Whiskey - Ireland, Walsh Distillery, The ... Learn More
    Whisky Tasters 24 Pack
    $245.00 Per item
  24. Glenmorangie Signet Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700Ml
    "A fusion of unique and rare elements, and clouded in secrecy, Signet is the culmination of a lifetime's experience. A blend of our oldest whisky and spirit matured in a selection of the world's finest casks, this undoubtedly is the ... Learn More
  25. Comte Louis De Lauriston Calvados Domfrontais 1992
    On the nose, an immediate presence, with mingled notes of cocoa and pear, evolving towards fragrances of tea and jasmine. This vintage, fresh and frank, is straightforward, elegant and long on the palate. Strong presence of pear, followed by flowery ... Learn More
  26. Gin Advent Calendar
    Get into the Christmas "Spirit". A wonderfully unique gift for the festive season- includes Gift box and tasting notes! Explore 24 individual Gins Advent Calendar Gins: - The West Winds, The Sabre - Australia - Salesyard Distillery, Billy Goat's Gin - ... Learn More
    Gin Advent Calendar
    $249.00 Per item
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  27. Castarede 1978 Armagnac - Grand Bas
    Topazes and sienna robe with orange touches. It offers a nose with complex flavours, which marries animal notes like leather, floral flavours like eucalyptus and fruity flavours like dry fig and blond tobacco. After warming it up, we can smell ... Learn More
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  28. Domaine Boingneres 2001 Folle Blanche - Bas Armagnac
    Encapsulating all the top aromatic qualities of the 1985 Folle Blanche, yet slightly softer. ... Learn More
  29. Comte De Lamaestre 1967 Bas Armagnac
    Grapes:Ugni blanc, Bacco22A, Colombard ... Learn More
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  30. Suntory Ao World Whisky 700Ml
    Suntory has released this new blended whisky to help with the transparency in Japanese whisky markets. Suntory World Whisky AO features whisky produced at the companies distilleries in five major whisky-producing regions – Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada and Japan. The company ... Learn More
  31. Nikka Tailored Premium Blended Whisky 700Ml
    Nikka is a story of two very unique distilleries and one very important individual who helped create the Japanese whisky landscape. Founder Masataka Taketsuru is known as the father of Japanese whisky when in 1918 he visited Scotland to embark on ... Learn More
  32. Darroze Domaine De Tillet 1975
    Darroze have been travelling the Armagnac region and selecting their favourite casks to bottle since 1974. ... Learn More


    Join us for our first tasting of Spirits! We're expanding the range outside of wines, and what better to start within the middle of winter that Whisky! If ... Learn More

    David Driscoll
    Whisky Advocate
    Wine and Spirits Magazine
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  34. Dudognon Heritage Grand Champagne  - 40Years
    Very mouth filling and goes great with a cigar at room temperature ... Learn More
  35. Suntory Hibiki Blender’S Choice 
Blended Whisky (700Ml)
    A new expression released in 2018 to fill the gap for the discontinued Hibiki 17-Year-Old. This is a no age statement whisky however rumour has it that it has an average age of 15-year-old with some aged in red wine casks! ... Learn More
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  36. Roger Groult Pays D'Auge Calvados Doyen (20Th Century Blend)
    Pays d'Auge cider apples sorted by hand. creating a smokey, smell of cigar box, hints of vanilla with a floral essence on the palate with orange blossom, vanilla, cooked/baked apples, whole peasant, candied orange appearnace. Finish is completely round ... Learn More
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  37. Delord 1966 Bas Armagnac
    50 year old Armagnac ... Learn More
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  38. Normandin Mercier Vieille - 15 Year Fine Champagne (Magnum 1.5L)
    A fine mix of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. A soft and balanced Cognac with a nice floral bouquet. "Since 1872 five generations have contributed to the elaboration of the prestigious Cognac NORMANDIN-MERCIER. Coming from the best vineyards of Grande and ... Learn More
  39. Domaine Boingneres 1985 Cepages Nobles Folle Blanche & Colombard - Bas Armagnac
    Distilled in 1985 from Folle Blanche and Colombard grapes, this wonderful Armagnac offers up Rich, spicy flavour. Another stunner from Domaine de Boingnères. ... Learn More
  40. Paul Giraud 'Tres Rare' Grande Champagne Cognac - 40 Years
    A true reflection of a forty years old Cognac. Old brandy that has remained for many years in oak barrels. Its characteristics are more assertive, with aromas of rancio, cigar box, leather and spicy fragrances. Very complex nose and palate, ... Learn More
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