During 150 years of wine making, Seppelt Wines has built a reputation for innovation and dedication to quality. The winery has pioneered vineyard plantings in cool climate Victorian regions, always on the lookout for unique terrains which produce fine wines including the Drumborg Vineyard, which is one of the most southern sites on Australia's mainland. Yields are often low but the traditionally meagre crops are of high to excellent quality. The focus during vinification is to maximise clean fruit intensity. This is achieved by transporting the fruit in small batches and processing quickly to prevent oxidisation, followed by a cool temperature controlled vinification.

The Seppelt approach is to harness the strength and characteristics of each region and create varietally and regionally expressive wines. Today, Seppelt strives for the same standards of excellence that gave these wines the iconic status for which they are renowned. The wine making philosophy focuses on producing exceptional wines, synonymous with quality and refined elegance in style.
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