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Salon & Friends Champagne Dinner Sydney 15th February 2024 6.30pm

$499.99 per ticket
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Indulge in an exquisite evening at our exclusive Salon & Friends Champagne Dinner, where we invite you to savor the exceptional Salon 2012 and Salon 2013 vintages, along with a curated selection of champagnes from renowned houses Delamotte, Georges Laval, and Benoit Dehu.

The Salon 2012, with its harmonious blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and the Salon 2013, known for its unique expression of the terroir, promise an unforgettable tasting experience.

Complementing Salon, explore the diverse terroirs and styles of Delamotte, a sister house to Salon, offering a delicate and elegant expression of Chardonnay. Georges Laval, a small grower-producer, will showcase the artisanal approach to winemaking, delivering champagnes that capture the essence of their organic vineyards. Lastly, discover the innovative and terroir-driven champagnes crafted by Benoit Dehu, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and authenticity.

Each pour will be expertly paired with a gourmet dinner, elevating the evening to a symphony of flavors and effervescence. Cheers to an evening of sophistication and indulgence!

Wine List & Menu:

3 Canapes served standing on arrival
Pearl Meat + Smoked Lime Butter + Cured Egg
Zucchini Flower + Yuzu + Kelp
Smoked Eel Cream + Black Brioche + Kombu

Georges Laval - Garennes Extra Brut NV 750ml

3 course tasting menu
Course 1
Yellowfin Tuna + Grape Tomato + Shiso

Benoit Dehu - La Rue des Noyes NV 750ml
Benoit Dehu - Initiation NV 750ml

Course 2
Palm Heart + Almond + Chives + Pickled Sweetcorn + Yarrow

Georges Laval - Brut Nature Cumieres Premier Cru NV 750ml
Georges Laval - Brut Nature Les Chenes Premier Cru 2018 750ml
Georges Laval - Brut Nature Millesime Cumieres Premier Cru les Hautes Chevres 2017 750ml

Course 3
Spatchcock + Champagne Butter + Sorrel

Delamotte BDB 2014
Champagne Salon 2012
Champagne Salon 2013

About the venue Bentley Bar

Chef Brent Savage and Sommelier Nick Hildebrandt stand as the dynamic co-owners spearheading The Bentley Group, a culinary powerhouse in Australia. Renowned as one of the country's most esteemed chefs, Brent Savage is celebrated for his innovative, avant-garde culinary creations, showcasing a keen mastery of technique and a distinctive flair for flavor and texture. Notably, he has clinched the prestigious Good Food Guide Chef of the Year accolade twice, in 2005 and 2015. Additionally, Savage has authored the acclaimed cookbook, "Bentley: Contemporary Cuisine."

Nick Hildebrandt, an influential figure in Sydney's gastronomic scene, wears the hats of both restaurateur and accomplished sommelier. Boasting the title of Australia's most decorated sommelier, Hildebrandt has clinched the Sommelier of the Year title twice from both Gourmet Traveller and the Sydney Morning Herald. His expertly curated wine lists have not only garnered accolades but also contributed to the overall success of their establishments.

Together, Savage and Hildebrandt helm four leading restaurants in Sydney, and their collaborative consultancy extends to a variety of exciting ventures. This culinary duo seamlessly blends innovation and expertise, making The Bentley Group a cornerstone of Australia's gastronomic landscape.

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