Rural Aid Fundraiser - Wine to Water

Rural Aid Fundraiser - Wine to Water

For every litre of wine sold, we will donate 1L of water to help out our Australian farmers.

One of the worst droughts in Australia’s history is impacting rural communities & our farmers need our help!

In such an extended drought, livestock are not the only ones facing a lack of water. Many dams and reservoirs in rural Australia are drying up, which means countless farming families are struggling to access water. Through Rural Aid, just $450 can give a family an entire tank of water- 11,500 litres. This donation provides families with some of the basic luxuries that we take for granted every day-like a shower.

Community fundraising is such an essential element of Rural Aid because it allows them to improve the lives of 10,000 registered farmers, their families and their communities. 100% of the funds raised are given directly to the farmers-no administrative fees are taken out.

A Rural Aid coordinator recently spoke with a farmer who hadn’t had a shower in weeks, because she was saving the water so that her kids could take showers before school. She felt that their comfort far outweighed her own. When Rural Aid delivered water to her and her family, she was finally able to take a well-earned, relaxing shower after months of stress and sacrifice.

Giving to Rural Aid not only makes a great difference in the lives of Australian farmers, it shows them that we are in this together, and that they are not forgotten.

About Rural Aid

Rural Aid LogoRural Aid supports farmers and rural communities in times of natural disaster such as flood, fire and drought. In addition, Rural Aid focusses on supporting the sustainability of regional and farming communities. Its disaster relief program includes the nationally recognised Buy a Bale campaign. Other programs include providing volunteer support to rural towns, musical instruments to regional schools and mental health counselling. Visit for further information on these programs and others supporting our rural communities.

Progress so far

Since September 2019, we started the "Wine Into Water Initiative" in association with Rural Aid, where for every litre of wine sold, we will donate 1L of water to help out our Australian farmers. With the recent bush fires and the resulting lives lost, we believe now more than ever we need to continue this program of giving. So we wanted you to know that for every bottle of wine you drink we continue to donate money for the precious water and aid to help those in need.

Trucks so far:

Water Trucks

Rural Aid Certificate of Appreciation