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Rosé Wine, Cabernet Blend, Chardonnay

Winemakers often blend Cabernet Sauvignon with other grape varietals (such as Merlot and Shiraz) as it enhances complexity within the wine whilst giving the fruitier varieties a framework and structure to sit within. The addition of other grapes to Cabernet tends to soften out the harsher tannins.

Cabernet blends from Coonawarra, Margaret River and Langhorne Creek are the most commonly known in Australia with Bordeaux and Languedoc the most iconic regions in France for making Cabernet blends.
Chardonnay is planted in almost every region in the world and makes a wide variety of wine styles from light-bodied, crisp and unoaked through to full-bodied, complex barrel matured versions. Chardonnay is an adaptable variety and can be grown in cool regions as well as warm areas. It is a productive, early budding and early ripening variety.

Chardonnay first came to Australia in the 1920s but didn’t find popularity until the 1970s. Grown all across the country the cool climate versions (like found in the Yarra Valley and Tasmania) tend to be lighter in body with higher acidity and more subtle flavours. Warm climate versions (found in Margaret River, Hunter Valley and the Adelaide Hills) tend to be more full-bodied with richer, riper fruit and bolder flavours.
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