Online Wine Tastings

HOW DOES IT WORK? You buy a pre-organised box of wines, the morning of the event, we will send you the login details for the event, which will start at 6:30pm that night. We will be opening 3 bottles of wine (enough to get a good taste and comparison, but not too many that it's wasteful!) and discussing them.

WHO RUNS THEM? Our Head Wine Buyer Mark Faber will run these events for the first few evenings (he already ran the majority of our events, so there's no real change there) however we are actively looking to expand the guests we have along to host. We will be roping in our mates from around the industry, both here and overseas to host events depending on what the topic is!

HOW MUCH ARE TICKETS? The best news is, these are FREE! You've got to buy the wines to taste along with our team, but we all need some wine at home during this period, don't we? We'll be offering 6 packs and dozen boxes, depending on the tasting.
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