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Michel Couvreur

Belgian born Michel Couvreur produces Scotch Whisky in Bouze-Les-Beaune - the heart of Burgundy. It was a love of fishing and hunting that drew Michel to Scotland, where he moved to in 1964. He became involved in the production process of whisky, at each step vying for the finest production methods possible, from the selection of the most ancient strains of cereals to employing extremely rare sherry casks. His dream was to craft exceptional, unique Scotch Whisky. In the 1970's Michel returned to France in part to be closer to the proximity of the sherry casks (Pedro Ximenez/Palomino/Moscatel/Oloroso) he utilized and in part to dig his own cellar in the hills of Bouze-les-Beaune. It is in his own cellar that he matures his Scotch in rare sherry casks, resulting in exemplary whisky.
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