Diamond Provenance Rating

Diamond Provenance Rating



“The more you know about the storage history of the wine you’re interested in, the better. 

If you’re keen on a particularly expensive bottle, it can be a good idea to either call the auction house prior (to see if they know of the bottle’s storage history) or visit, or perhaps ask for a picture of the bottle. Poorly stored wines are generally (with random exceptions) poor drinks.”

- Buying wine at auction, By Campbell Mattinson.


At United Cellars our aim is for the quality of the product to be the driving force for sales, not the price.

To help simplify this process for you, wines that United Cellars verify are from perfect provenance are rated with a Diamond Provenance Rating



  • Wine Stored in a registered Storage Facility or Angel Storage
  • Chain of Custody from time of release must be shown through documentation
  • No Wines that have been purchased through Auction Previously
  • Specific Wines must rate 5/5/5 to be eligible
  • Diamond Rating is given on a wine by wine basis - this is not a "Cellar Rating"
  • Buyer Protection Plus will ONLY be available if the wine is given a Diamond Rating


  • Products not subject to Pricematching
  • We will charge more for these wines
  • Wines covered by full tasting guarantee
  • Shipping will occur in Styerofoam single, double or 6 pack boxes unless in Original Wooden Cases
  • Complimentary Angel Storage for up to 4 weeks



  • Diamond Emblem Box in NS will be ticked to show this is diamond provenance
  • Only Black Card or higher level members are eligible for Diamond Rating
  • Reserve Rate can be set above the Low Range Estimate on Diamond Rated wines
  • Diamond Rated Wines will attract higher bids
  • Buyers Protection Plus is ONLY available for Diamond Rated Wines
  • Peak Drinking, Scores and Reviews will be sent out on these wines




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