Gin, Sangiovese

Hailing from Italy's north, Sangiovese owes its popularity to being the primary varietal used in Chianti production.

Not an overly aromatic red varietal, the grapes impact comes from the dried plum, sour cherry and herbaceous notes it imparts on the palate along with its firm tannin structure.
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  1. Collector ‘Shoreline’ Sangiovese Rose 2021
    The wine is fresh on the nose with aromas of mandarin, cherry, rose-water and spice. The palate is dry, with moreish mid-palate texture and mouth-watering acidity. Great for seasonal drinking with antipasti. Sangiovese and Mammolo grapes were hand-harvested in the ... Learn More
  2. Maretti Chianti 2020
    Chianti remains one of the most lauded and long-lived wine regions in Italy specialising in the variety Sangiovese. This wine is sourced from a small grower in Chianti Rufina one of the highest and coolest parts of the region resulting ... Learn More
    Maretti Chianti 2020
    $24.99 Per item
  3. Coriole Sangiovese 2020
    So well suited to the McLaren Vale region and over 40 years of experimenting with the sites, clones and rootstocks has led to this sangiovese being an Australian benchmark. Harvested from our 12 blocks across our 4 McLaren Vale vineyards it is interesting ... Learn More
  4. Piccini Antica Cinta Chianti Riserva ORO DOCG 2016
    90% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon Antica Cinta, literally Old City Walls, refers to the history and the land of Piccini family, its Middle Ages villages as San Giminiano, Castellina and Siena, clustered behind massive stone defensive walls. Antica Cinta pairs a very ... Learn More
  5. Renzo Masi 'Cornioleta' Chianti Riserva Docg 2018
    Winner of a Gold medal at the Mundus Vini Grand International Wine Award for Meininger's Magazine 2018. A nose of complex earthy spices and a more obvious oak character (16 months in 40% new French Barriques) speak of the quality of this wine ... Learn More
    Mark Faber
    James Suckling
  6. Costadoro Piceno Rosso DOP 2019
    Montepulciano and Sangiovese once again merge into a beautiful Piceno Rosso. In this wine their is a great expression of the Marche territory in a very classic blend of those two grapes, perfectly merged together. Medium intense nose with cherry, ... Learn More
  7. Antinori Villa Antinori Chianti Classico Riserva 2017
    Villa Antinori is, first and foremost, an idea, a way of conceiving the production of wine: on the one hand, experimentation and evolution, on the other hand, continuity in tradition. Sangiovese and other complementary grape varieties render their homage to ... Learn More
  8. Fratelli d'Anna Rosso Di Montalcino 2015
    100% Sangiovese, selected from two barrels of Sangiovese Grosso destined for Brunello. Both barrels were from different vineyards, one high up in Montalcino and the other about half way down. ... Learn More
    Campbell Mattinson
  9. Tarquin's Copa Glass Clear
    Tarquin's goblet-style gin glasses. Each 750ml, perfect for a large Tarquin's and Tonic with plenty of ice! Yeghes Da! ... Learn More
  10. Tarquin's Mixed Minitures Gift Set (X4 50Ml)
    Gin Miniatures Gift-Pack includes; x1 TARQUIN'S CORNISH DRY GIN 5CL - 42% We’ve hand-selected 12 different botanicals – carefully sourced from both distant and exotic locations around the world – to craft a spirit that’s bursting with Cornish Sunshine. x1 TARQUIN'S BLACKBERRY & ... Learn More
  11. Mayer Sangiovese 2021
    Dixon Creek vineyard, Cherry and savory herb nose, bright sweet cherry fruit on the palate, juicy and warm mouthfeel, a bit of tannin grip on the savoury/dried herb finish. The whole bunch adds another dimension of freshness to this ... Learn More
  12. Lyres Dry London Spirit 700Ml (Non-Alc)
    This unique spirit has been impossibly crafted to capture the essence of a classic Gin, with flavours that are distinct and contemporary. Lyre's spirits don't just mimic, they have their own distinction as a premium, non-alcoholic beverage. To Taste: Firm ... Learn More
  13. Moonshiner Simmons Street Aussie Native Gin 42% 500ml
    Cramming as much flavour as humanly possible into a bottle, the Simmons Street Australian Native Gin may look angelic on the outside but on the inside it’s on fire with a hit of aniseed and cinnamon and a soothing ... Learn More
  14. Hellfire Tasmanian 'Coffee Liqueur' 700Ml
    To make a great coffee liqueur, you’ve got to start with a great coffee. We used Son of a Gun, a full-bodied mix of Colombian, Guatemalan and Ethiopian beans from Zimmah, a Tasmanian speciality coffee roaster. They roast this ... Learn More
  15. Moonshiner Alice Street Pomegranate Gin 500ml
    Cramming as much flavour as humanly possible into a bottle, the Alice Street gin has a flavour that is resoundingly and unmistakably… pink. It combines the sweet tartness of pomegranates and apples with a clean vanilla finish. This is the ... Learn More
  16. Moonshiner Angel Street Cherry Gin 500ml
    This gin is all flavour, flavour, flavour. Perfect to pair with your family roast or a dark chocolate treat. It combines the deep sweetness of new season cherries with a hint of rhubarb, steeped in Australian Native Gin. ... Learn More
  17. Moonshiner Clara Street Kumquat Gin (500ml)
    Want a gin that packs a flavour punch? This is it. Our Clara Street Gin will wipe those expletives clean out of your mouth with a hit of kumquat, aniseed, cinnamon and pepper. It’s marmalade in a glass. Perfect ... Learn More
  18. Moonshiner King Street Negroni (500ml)
    We leave our Aussie Native Gin steeping for a month in baked barrels with Vermouth and bitter aperitif to create the silkiest damn drinkable Negroni on God’s sweet earth. We’re essentially giving you three liquors in the space ... Learn More
  19. Merkin Shinola Sangiovese 2021 (ETA 6 Months Delivery)
    The project of Maynard James Keenan, frontman of the band Tool, this sangiovese is from the Buhl Memorial Vineyard in Willcox County in Southern Arizona, which is situated 4300 ft above sea level. It is aged in neutral barrels, maintaining that ... Learn More
  20. Moonshiner Half Moon Taster Pack 3 x 100ml
    A tasting 3 pack of Moonshiner Gin's incredible range of Gins. All 3 are cramming as much flavour as humanly possible into a bottle, the Simmons Street Australian Native Gin may look angelic on the outside but on the inside it’s ... Learn More
  21. Poor Toms Sydney Dry Gin (700Ml)
    Poor Toms steep ten botanicals in Australian wheat spirit, which is then single-shot distilled in a 200-litre Müller copper still. You’ll notice a classic juniper backbone complimented by fresh green apple, native strawberry gum leaf, and chamomile. ... Learn More
  22. Le Miccine Chianti Riserva Docg 2017
    Le Miccine is a family owned winery and vineyard that is lead by a dynamic and young team. Winemaker Paula Cook was born in Quebec, Canada, but moved to her grandparent's ancestral home of Tuscany in 2008, buying an estate that ... Learn More
    Alistair Cooper MW
    Gary Walsh
  23. Moonshiner Margaret Street Signature Gin (500ml)
    Cramming as much flavour as humanly possible into a bottle,our Margaret Street Signature Gin gives you a burst of sun kissed Oranges, Strawberry Gum and Dorrigo Pepper with every delicious mouthful. We guarantee it stands up too tonic, even ... Learn More
  24. Gingle Bells Gin Baubles (Set Of 6)
    Containing 6 colourful & festive Christmas Baubles filled with unique and flavoursome gins inspired by and created using native botanicals from Australia & Asia. Each set includes: Cocktail guide to make the most out of each flavour Premium wrap around gift box with ... Learn More
  25. Poor Toms Strawberry Gin Batch 700Ml
    This is the first commercial batch of Poor Toms' soon-to-be infamous Strawberry Gin. The PT crew steep the tastiest fresh strawberries they can find along with young ginger and hibiscus flowers (for colour) in a batch of Sydney Dry Gin. ... Learn More
  26. Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin (700ml)
    Perfectly balanced and wonderfully complex, this gin is accented by native Australian botanicals, including blood lime, Dorrigo pepperleaf, lemon myrtle and river mint. All underpinned by pronounced juniper. Our carefully crafted Signature Dry Gin uses fourteen traditional and native botanicals, ... Learn More
  27. Tarquin's  Blackberry & Honey Gin 700mL
    14 hand-picked botanicals, carefully sourced from both distant and exotic locations around the world – to craft a gin in proud celebration of the Great British Blackberry. Distilled in 4 batches in 4 copper pot stills. BLACKBERRIES ~ 100% British WILDFLOWER HONEY ~ from Cornwall (Britain) JUNIPER ~ ... Learn More
  28. Tarquin's Cornish Dry Gin 700mL
    We’ve hand-selected 12 different botanicals – carefully sourced from both distant and exotic locations around the world – to craft a spirit that’s bursting with Cornish Sunshine. Distilled in 4 batches in 4 copper pot stills. JUNIPER ~ from Italy CORIANDER SEED ~ from Bulgaria ... Learn More
  29. Poor Toms Fools Strength Gin (700Ml)
    From one of the newest and coolest 'urban distilleries' in Marrickville, Sydney. At 52%, Poor Toms Fool Strength is a rich, classic, full-bodied gin. You’ll notice a classic juniper backbone complimented by fresh grapefruit, native strawberry gum leaf, and chamomile. ... Learn More
  30. Val Di Suga Brunello Di Montalcino 2015
    Winemaker Andrea Lonardi is a winemaking Wunderkind. Our head buyer Mark Faber first met him in London where they attended the Master of Wine global seminar together, and Mark was blown away by Andrea's technical expertise and knowledge, as well ... Learn More
    The Wine Advocate
  31. Hellfire Tasmanian 'London Dry Gin' 700Ml
    Our gins are a product of the pristine local water and the finest botanicals we can source. These high quality spirits reflect the same passion for quality and care that influences everything produced here. Hellfire’s London Gin has bold ... Learn More
  32. Animus Distillery Ananas Gin 500ml
    50% ABV. Inspired by Luke Jacques’s mild obsession with Tiki cocktails and questionable lounge music, here we have the second release of the sublime Animus Ananas Gin. And what an epic it is. As you might expect, fresh pineapple accounts ... Learn More
  33. Melbourne Gin Company Single Shot 700ml
    The Melbourne Gin Company is an independent distillery with an artisan production approach. Their gin range is hand crafted, batch distilled and non chill filtered. From the worlds most liveable city comes its very own Melbourne Dry Gin. A classic ... Learn More
  34. Animus Distillery Macedon Dry Gin 500mL
    A bold reinterpretation of gin - Animus's Classic Dry took on a life of it's own when lemon myrtle and mountain pepper berry were added to the rich, juniper led base. It's a zesty, spicy, gin that has an effortless, ... Learn More
  35. Animus Distillery Arboretum Gin 500ml
    A complex herbaceous gin utilising a range of local estate-grown ingredients: Fresh strawberry gum leaf, lemon thyme, rosemary, oranges and native bush tomato support the classic gin notes of bold juniper, coriander seed, and citrus, with a long, spicy balanced ... Learn More
  36. Mix your own Gin Cocktail Kit

    With this Cocktail mixing pack, you can mix and match to make your perfect style of cocktail. This pack contains one bottle of Award Winning Tarquin's Gin from the UK's Cornish Coast. To flavour this wonderful gin are three ... Learn More

  37. Moonshiner Distillery Tour Package
    1x 500ml Moonshiner Margaret Street Signature Gin, 1x100ml Simmons Street Australian Native Gin, 1x Clara Street Kumquat, 1x 100ml Barrel Aged Negroni A tasting pack of Moonshiner Gin's incredible range of Gins. All 4 are cramming as much flavour as ... Learn More
  38. Amazonian Gin (700ml)
    The first and original premium Gin made with extra neutral sugar cane spirit distilled with juniper berries from Macedonia and a careful selection of fresh fruits and botanicals from the amazon rainforest, harvested by Amazonian farmers. The nose as an ... Learn More
  39. Hellfire Tasmanian 'Piquant Gin' 700Ml
    Piquant combines the traditional botanicals of London Dry Gin with Tasmanian mountain pepper berries, olive leaf, lemon myrtle leaf and lemon grass. Full of bold, herbal notes that will delight gin lovers, it holds its flavour well mixed with tonic ... Learn More
  40. Hellfire Tasmanian 'Summer Gin' 700Ml
    We’ve taken the classic London Dry Gin and given it a local twist, adding brown boronia flower, Tasmanian leatherwood honey and Tasmanian mountain pepper berries. The result is an award winning spicy, complex gin that’s best sipped slowly, ... Learn More
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