Domaine Val d'Astier

Twelve years after the first steps to regain a wild nature, the Valley of Val d'Astier has kept its authentic, natural, made for sharing. Today, a new valley twelve hectares "The White Stones" planted with vineyards and olive trees just born to enlarge this little corner of paradise. In the eyes of Bruno and Ellen, still burns energy of those who have shaped the hill, cleared, planted, designed trays and hillsides that are exposed to the best vines in soil that is proud of a vine promised the best, with these small flames increasingly talking of shared happiness, a certain success. The rest is always a matter of time, leaving to nature the care of the express and winemaker, the "peasants", a term they claim, the time to work the vineyards, market gardening, olives, honey. Grapes love when at the dawn of each harvest animates the hand of the winemaker and his expertise, born colors. Know-how acquired by Bruno in Burgundy, tweaked in Bandol, completed in Provence where he learned, heard, tried, directed, for now at the heart of their valleys are born of his hands artisan winemaker, the delicacy of a white, the strength of a red, the many flavors of rosé, vinified in the cellar dug under the earth, also won in the hill. A situation that allows it to maintain a natural freshness and keep the wine safe from thermal variations. Ellen remained the accomplished gardener debut and if it does not produce for lack of time the generous baskets of colorful vegetables sun, appreciated by all, the piece of land conquered in the garrigue, fashioned courage dons vegetables and herbs appreciated the great leaders of the region, it delivers during the summer season. While the sheep still graze in the vineyard (from autumn to spring), the field also vibrates the many hives (harvest to lafloraisondelavigne) producing honey "demaquisetdemontagne" unusual reflecting the botanical richness of an unspoilt environment. This very fragrant, sweet nectar, floral and fruity is present in the cellar, along with the spices, grape juice, wine and of course, the new season will seduce you.
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