Domaine Huet

The illustrious Vouvray estate of Domaine Huet pivots on an axis of three great single vineyards; on the enigmatic Chenin Blanc, on a unique limestone soil and on a well-honed, perfectionist, viticultural and winemaking approach. The estate is capable of making otherworldly wines that can be aged for 50 years or more. Each of Huet’s three famous single vineyards are capable of producing wines from the dry to the lusciously sweet in a single vintage. Andrew Jefford adds that Chenin is "…among the finest white wines on earth, rivalled only for longevity, and for the beauty of its cellar metamorphoses, by Riesling." This is a Domaine that every year produces wines with that all too rare confluence of purity and knife-edge precision, and at the same time, incredible depth and longevity. You therefore cannot go wrong with any of the wines from Domaine Huet. They are fantastically aromatic whites that dance across the palate with a zest and incredible intensity. Old vines in a great terroir, pin-point ripeness and Huet’s traditional, natural yeast/old oak élevage all come together in his wines - the finest in Vouvray.
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