Chateau de Beaucastel

The history of this prestigious estate stretches back until 1549 when Pierre de Beaucastel bought a barn with a plot of land in the beautiful French Provence of Courthézon. Today the wine estate is still managed by his descendants Jean-Pierre and François, Jacques Perrin’s sons that continue the philosophies of Château de Beaucastel. Formed around family there is so much rich history in this estate, with over 5 generations of knowledge and experience between them.

Pioneers of organic farming techniques in 1950 and then biodynamic farming in 1974, the Perrin family are in their own league. Expertly blending 13 historical varieties of Châteauneuf du Pape, Château de Beaucastel produces wines of unmatched style each and every year. With every berry hand-picked and carefully sorted only the best grapes are kept and vinified. Each of the 13 varieties produced on the estate is vinified separately and expertly blended into an exceptional mix of power, structure, elegance and freshness. These wines are a must buy.
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