Sustainability in Champagne - Champagne Drappier

Champagne Drappier
Champagne Drappier has lead the way for sustainability in the region of Champagne by becoming the first ‘Carbon Neutral’ Champagne house.

Champagne Drappier has been awarded the Innovation award by the Revue du Vin de France as the first Champagne house to reduce its carbon footprint to zero after a 10-year effort.

A carbon footprint is defined as the level of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide CO2 and methane) caused by an organisation, event, product or individual. Currently, 45% of the electricity used by the House is produced by solar panels, with the house dedicating itself to sourcing sustainable energies over the past decade. The producer avoids using air conditioning in its cellars by utilising a free cooling system. The house also plans to “aggressively reduce fuel consumption” over the next five years, with several projects already underway.

In 2014 its efforts on sustainability were extended to include organic winemaking practices, when a large proportion of its vineyards achieved accreditation.  

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