United Cellars Whisky Tasters Packs

Explore More Whisky Easily with United Cellars Whisky Tasters Packs

Have you ever browsed the Whisky section and seen a great looking bottle that ignites a fire of curiosity inside you but then hesitate, knowing that you may not love it, only to just grab the same bottle you always do? Well, now it’s time to give in to curiosity and explore every interesting-looking dram you set your eyes upon. Sure they say that curiosity kills the cat, but we’ve got a cure that’ll protect even the most daring of cats.

Choose from a range of tasting packs that each includes three 60ml bottles of hand-selected whiskies from around the World. Whether you’re a whisky fanatic or you’re just starting out on your journey into the depths of whisky (you’re in for a great time), these packs provide the perfect opportunity to experience a wide range of drams that are curated by our experts to pay homage to the history and traditions of the whisky world while featuring newcomers and boundary-pushers. For me, this helped a new weekly tradition to form - carving out a bit of quiet time every Sunday for a dram and a good book. 

At United Cellars we strive to create unique experiences that allow you to easily explore new tastes and discover new favorites. Have a good look through our starting line-up of whisky tasting packs, it’s time to indulge your curious side.

Keep an eye out for upcoming deep-dives into each of these packs, along with news of our future tasting packs!


Single Malt Whisky Pack

  1. Glenmorangie 18 Year Old (Highlands)
  2. Balvenie 14-Year-Old Caribbean Cask (Speyside)
  3. Oban 14 Year Old (Highlands)

The bread and butter of any good whisky collection, every fan of whisky should endeavour to be familiar with these distilleries and regions. They’re classics for a reason, and they pack a whole lot of quality into each sip while respecting your wallet. Featuring Speyside and Highlands distilleries, you’ll also be given a nice introduction to something that Speyside has become well-known for - interesting cask finishes like the Balvenie Caribbean Cask release included within this pack. Make sure to pay close attention to the differences between the Oban and the Glenmorangie, the Highlands really is a wonderfully varied region.

Top Shelf Whisky Pack

  1. Benriach 22-Year-Old Dark Rum (Speyside)
  2. Glenfarclas 25 Year Old (Highlands)
  3. Kaiyo Cask Strength Whisky (Japan)

Want to treat yourself or someone special to truly extraordinary whiskies? Look no further than this exceptional pack of three top-shelf releases, this doubles up as the perfect next step after the Single Malt pack featured above thanks to the inclusion of the classy Speyside & Highlands regions. For an added treat, we’ve added a fantastic and rather unique Japanese whisky! Even their entry-level releases garner a cult-following so expect big things from both Glenfarclas and Benriach. 

Australian Whisky Pack

  1. Starward Nova Single Malt (Melbourne)
  2. Limeburners Port Cask (Western Australia)
  3. Corowa Characters (New South Wales)

Australia is quickly becoming home to a great number of talented distillers, and we’re proud as all heck of the progress they’ve achieved, garnering an impressive level of acclaim in such a short time. Make sure you’re up to speed with some of the key players here, because we’ve no doubt that these are all classics-to-be. Highlighting distilleries from three different states, this pack is the ideal introduction to what Australia has to offer, and why it’s deserving of the building following.

World Whisky Pack

  1. Rampur PX Sherry Cask (India)
  2. Sazerac Rye 6 Year Old (United States of America)
  3. Kaiyo Japanese Whisky (Japan)

When once we might’ve limited ourselves to only discussing Scotland & Ireland for whisky, there’s now a vast swathe of countries that claim attention and recognition for quality drams. For some, it can be daunting to take the full-bottle-plunge on the unfamiliar whisky regions/countries, which is precisely where this pack comes in to save the day! Worry not about risk, and discover something special from somewhere unexpected. This pack explores some excellent drams from Japan, India, and a special inclusion of a Rye Whiskey from the USA.


24 Pack

The time for restraint is over, go all-in for the sake of exploration and discovery! This epic pack contains a whopping 24 different whiskies to dive into at your leisure. This would go down in the annals of the greatest gifts ever gifted, or maybe you’re the one who loves to jump into new hobbies at the deep-end. Whatever the reason, this box will steer you right, the only challenge will be deciding which whiskies to buy in full bottles! In terms of what you’ll find within, expect a tour of classics and legendary distilleries, alongside New World labels and boundary-pushing releases.