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The Australian wine industry is the fourth-largest exporter in the world, exporting 760 million litres to countries such as the UK, France, Italy and Spain. It has been one of the most successful “New World” wine-producing countries. It has done this by formally exporting and marketing its wines as a whole, through Wine Australia. There is also a significant domestic market for Australian wines, with Australians consuming nearly 500 million litres of wine per year. The wine industry is a significant contributor to the Australian economy through production, employment, export and tourism.

Wine regions are in almost all the states with Victoria having 21 regions! Read more about key wine regions such as Margaret River, Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Eden Valley, Clare Valley, Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley and local to New South Wales, Cowra, Southern Highlands and Mudgee.
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  1. Lyres Dry London Spirit 700Ml (Non-Alc)
    This unique spirit has been impossibly crafted to capture the essence of a classic Gin, with flavours that are distinct and contemporary. Lyre's spirits don't just mimic, they have their own distinction as a premium, non-alcoholic beverage. To Taste: Firm ... Learn More
  2. United Cellars Whisky Tasters; Australian Pack
    This Pack contains 3 x 60ml bottles of whisky; 1. Starward Nova Single Malt (Melbourne) 2. Limeburners Port Cask (Western Australia) 3. Corowa Characters (New South Wales) This pack focusses on the up and coming world of Australian local Whisky. While only a small ... Learn More
  3. Prohibition’s Bathtub Cut Gin 500ml
    Prohibition Gin is the culmination of a vision to recreate the genuine spirit of clandestine heritage, with contemporary craftsmanship and top notch botanical ingredients. A bold nose of vanilla, juniper-spice, fortified and defined by wormwood-driven herbaceous tones and surrounded with ... Learn More
  4. Prohibition’s Mum's Gin 500ml
    Prohibition’s Mother’s Day Gin combines a lush nose of fresh berries and flowers. Bright pomegranate is intertwined by robust raspberry and vanilla on the palate, giving mouthfeel and finesse. Piney juniper, fragrant rose, hibiscus and lavender, in harmony ... Learn More
  5. Seven Seasons Australian Green Ant Gin 700ml
    Award-winning green ant gin celebrates the native Australian ingredients, featuring botanicals and herbs from some of the more remote areas of the continent. This commitment to finding the most unusual blend of ingredients results in a gin unlike any other. ... Learn More
    Distiller’s Strength Gin now comes delivered in a beautiful gift box that showcases its style. Conceived as their boldest, yet most elegant gin, Distiller’s Strength Gin features sixteen botanicals that have been uniquely infused and individually distilled in ... Learn More
  7. Prohibition Moonlight Gin 500ml
    Prohibition Liquor Co.’s Moonlight Gin is a homage to all things flourishing under the cover of darkness. A dance of flavour, florals and aromas, watch the colour-shift explode with luminescence when mixed. Equal parts dark and light, reflecting the ... Learn More
  8. Prohibition Muscat Barrel Aged Gin 500ml
    Prohibition Muscat Barrel Gin is the culmination of a vision to recreate the genuine spirit of clandestine heritage, with contemporary craftsmanship and top notch botanical ingredients. Here’s what happens when original PLC Gin is given a 10-month spell inside ... Learn More
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  9. Prohibition Navy Strength Gin 500ml
    This gin compliments the rough seas, celebrating our juniper-based spirit’s naval heritage. A nose of salty ocean breeze gives way to notes of native lime interplayed by seagrass. A combination of juniper distilled through maceration and vapour infusion creates ... Learn More
  10. Prohibition Shiraz Barrel Aged Gin 500ml
    Move over shiraz gins and barrel aged gins, here is the new standard: prohibition shiraz barrel aged gin! We have aged a 60% expression of our original gin in custom coopered barrels which formerly held American bourbon, then most recently barossa ... Learn More
  11. Prohibition Christmas Gin 500ml
    Prohibition Christmas Gin is crafted from a perfect blend of Australian dry gin with with macerated cherries, figs, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and gentle star anise, with some extra botanicals to add softness and spice. Prohibition Christmas Gin is sweet and ... Learn More
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