Angel storage

FREE Blackcard Member benefit

Angel Cellar Storage


We are introducing a new free Black card advantage - Angel Storage called "Angel Storage".

Only available to active black card members

Angel Storage is your own personal wine collection. We store the wine you buy (from us) in our temperature-controlled wine storage, along with our own wine.

You can store your wines and ship on request

  1. Collect and store up to 360 bottles for as long as your black card account is active.
  2. Mix and Match bottles from different purchases and ship minimum 6+ ship free of charge, under your membership.
  3. Going away on holidays, or moving house, out of space, no problems. Ship your wine when you want, just give us a call or text and we have a personal Cellar Angel organize for you.
  4. Lets us handle the storage requirements. Why pay expensive storage fees.

Shipping internationally is possible subject to legal requirements in those countries and costs will be quoted at the time of the request. United Cellars offers black card member storage in Europe with Bordeaux city bond. Fees and charges apply to all storage outside of our Sydney warehouse. Fees and charges for storing more than 360 bottles will apply. All charges are + GST Storage cost per case or part thereof: $2.20 per downs/month (or less)+GST. 50 cents/bottle handling in fees, to carry out a condition report and cataloguing of every bottle Insurance is available upon request. Only apply to wine purchased through United Cellars. We do not accept, at this time wines purchased from other retailers/suppliers.

What happens in the event that you Blackcard membership is nor renewed or laspes.

You will be charged $3.30 Per dozen for storage from the time of your lapsed membership, with fees being charged monthly to your nominated credit card on 1st of each month.

50 cents/bottle handling in fees, to carry out a condition report and cataloguing of every bottle

All freight costs for non-black card members are charged at normal United Cellars freight rates. Freight must be paid in advance before shipment.


Interested? Contact one of our Cellar Angels today!

Call us on 1300 226 835
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