Domaine Overnoy

This estate is located in Orbagna, in the south of the Jura in the region of Sud Revermont. They are not too far away from Rotalier, home to the famous estates of Labet and Ganevat. Guillaume came back to the family estate (at the ripe old age of 24) in 2013 and has been working full time making wines with his father since then. In 2014 he began the conversion of the estate (5.5 hectares) to organic cultivation. They have all five Jura varieties planted and specialize in Trousseau which does particularly well in their area. The vines are grown mostly in Orbagna on grey-marl soils, but they also have a single hectare further north in Cesancey. This is an estate to watch, the talent is there, as is passion and support. we feel lucky to have discovered this estate before it's inevitable rise to stardom!
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